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​We've felt the hustle and bustle of the holidays around here these last several weeks with family coming in for our annual family fundraising night!  But, last week, we squeezed a senior's viewing appointment in between all the family sessions and we couldn't help but share the rocking' images from her Eclectic session!! We saw few sports attire in the selection of outfits our seniors brought in this year so, to say that we were overjoyed to see Emily's lacrosse gear would be an understatement.  

And!  Has anyone missed our little '64 blue truck?  For the most part, she didn't make an appearance in any senior session this summer.  Since we're is getting ready to bid adieu to old blue, Peter decided for old times' sake, he would fired her up for her last photo session. The blue truck and Emily were a perfect pair while we were out on location.  

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