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It's been far too quiet over here on the Cornerstone blog!  With graduation just around the corner, we are getting back into the swing of things as the last few 2016 seniors complete their portrait session.  And what better way to get back on the blogging train than to feature the down to earth and super sweet Brooklyn H!  We couldn't be more excited to not only feature her perfectly styled portraits but also introduce Cornerstone's newest session, All Access, which combines the best of still and video portraiture!!

If you know Peter (Cornerstone's hardworking and ever busy owner), you know that he is down in the trenches with the best of us.  There are a few clients who have entrusted Cornerstone and Peter with capturing their portraits for not just years but decades.  When those Cornerstone "lifers" schedule a session, Peter enjoys participating in their milestone session when he's available.  Such is the case with Brooklyn!  

"I had an absolute blast photographing Brooklyn for her senior Eclectic session last week.  Brooklyn is beautiful, silly, sassy, goofy and so much more.  I should know since I have been capturing her essence since she was 9 months old! 

We had a perfect day to shoot on location, since SoCal is blooming and the grass is actually green!  Brooklyn brought a great selection of outfits and a great attitude.  If you are thinking about getting a senior session before graduation, this is the time folks!  Location photography doesn’t get better than spring time in California!"  - Peter Lars

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