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Snowboarding, skiing, surfing, wakeboarding, rock climbing, boxing, BMX, motocross, fencing, rowing... the list goes on but we think you get the point!  There are so many different (non-school related) sports that our seniors have been involved in and incorporated into their upgrade session over the years.   If you have an activity that you're passionate about, bring it in!  Make the most of your session by including with the things that make you unique and are personal to you.

MouvetB-6418xMouvetB-6418x MinkowA-0266MinkowA-0266 XXDSCF4169XXDSCF4169 Wutkee3267Wutkee3267 NilssonE-8713NilssonE-8713 GrosskopfC-5230GrosskopfC-5230 Marsden5042Marsden5042 GarrityJ_282sxGarrityJ_282sx CrockettS_0221CrockettS_0221 Coert, Jake Edited-9796xbCoert, Jake Edited-9796xb Bhatia N-1715xBhatia N-1715x 16_mon_deux16_mon_deux


15_madem_un15_madem_un 09_mon_trios09_mon_trios 19_madem_deux19_madem_deux 03_mon_deux03_mon_deux Brown9802Brown9802We offer two types of retouching service in our online packages only. They are signature series and heritage series retouching.<br /><br />
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Signature Series - Our best retouching service is enhanced by our artist to include the normal retouching we offer in heritage, but also includes stray hairs, teeth whitening, and more extensive blending and smoothing of facial lines and blemishes. The largest portrait in the package is then embossed onto canvas and mounted on masonite. Truly our best wall portrait service that will cherish for years to come. <br /><br />
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Heritage series - Our studio will soften lines, facial blemishes and eye bags for all of your portraits. <br>-------<br>Nosotros ofrecemos 2 tipos de servicio de retoques, solo en nuestros paquetes en línea. Ellos son la serie de firma y de herencia en la serie de retoques. La Serie de Firma - Nuestro servicio de retoque es mejorar sus fotos a cargo de nuestros artistas, incluyendo el retoque normal que ofrecemos en herencia, pero también incluye los pelos vagos, blanqueado de dientes y la más extensa mezcla y alisado de las líneas faciales y imperfecciones. El retrato más grande en el paquete de programas es grabado en lona y montado sobre masonite. Realmente nuestro mejor servicio de retrato de pared que durara años. La serie herencia - Nuestro estudio ablandará líneas, defectos faciales y ojos con bolsas para todos sus retratos.
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