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Feeling lost on what to bring in your upgrade session?  We're here to help! 

Whether it's during the phone call when you schedule your Unplugged or Eclectic session or when during the reminder phone call the day before, our Cornerstone representatives do their very best to help provide you with outfit and prop ideas to help you make the most of your senior portrait session.

    But. Often times visual examples are just a bit more helpful!  

This week's Session Inspiration Post is all about High School sports!  We went deep into our archives to showcase all the various sports we've documented over the years; we're talking as far back as 2004!  Take a look and hopefully some of these portraits will inspire you to bring in the sports uniform and accoutrements that highlight the experiences of your senior year!  


19_mon_un19_mon_un AnglinI-0074xAnglinI-0074x b_senior13b_senior13 14_madem_trios14_madem_trios Camacho_MG_9288sCamacho_MG_9288s ClausM_1548ClausM_1548 DonohueB236DonohueB236 GarnicaE-1599xGarnicaE-1599x GarnicaE-1545xGarnicaE-1545x GroverJ-1171SxGroverJ-1171Sx Flynn S-1326xFlynn S-1326x FlemingE_2337xFlemingE_2337x Cory0915Cory0915 HondaK_9697xsHondaK_9697xs Jones3551Jones3551 LeeA_IMG_4008-4026LeeA_IMG_4008-4026 MannistoJ-3768MannistoJ-3768 JonesK_3311BWxJonesK_3311BWx KoshoferN Brick StadiumKoshoferN Brick StadiumCMC Breast Cancer Cernter Rosenberg J-4979xRosenberg J-4979x Scott, V-0172xScott, V-0172x Scott, V-0178xScott, V-0178x RadinskyC-9867sRadinskyC-9867s RadinskyC-9831xRadinskyC-9831x ShillingtonH-421xxShillingtonH-421xx Usher N-0161xUsher N-0161x XYabu_4764XYabu_4764 xKetterM227xKetterM227 xClausM_1481xClausM_1481 PendeltonLopezD-7984xPendeltonLopezD-7984x MastersM-3029MastersM-3029 MastersM-3012MastersM-3012 PughS-7699PughS-7699 DeWames234DeWames234 CookC-7918CookC-7918 XSSCF1682XSSCF1682 StreckWoodard7250StreckWoodard7250 TruhanN287TruhanN287------- Flynn T-7405xFlynn T-7405x b_senior53b_senior53 01_mon_unx01_mon_unx


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