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As is often the case, you dress to the nines for a school dance or a night out to the theater, but then your sharp-looking suit or glamorous dress gets hung up in the closet, never to be seen again.  Many of our past seniors have made the most of their senior portrait session by opting to make their "red carpet" attire one of their three outfit choices for their Unplugged or Eclectic session!  If you found the perfect outfit, make it a part of your perfect session for a fun and memorable look.  


08_madem_deux08_madem_deux 08_madem_trios08_madem_trios SomervilleB-3036xSomervilleB-3036x SomervilleB-3138xSomervilleB-3138x SomervilleB-3166SxSomervilleB-3166Sx KocontesE_205KocontesE_205 Armstrong-1011xArmstrong-1011x Armstrong-1010xArmstrong-1010x 20_mon_un20_mon_un 09_mon_deux09_mon_deux villaceniovillacenio Marks, J-5104-5122xMarks, J-5104-5122x LeeA_IMG_3881LeeA_IMG_3881 JutariuS-8465sxJutariuS-8465sx Burgos D-0757xBurgos D-0757x 13_mon_un13_mon_un 11_mon_un11_mon_un 18_mon_deux18_mon_deux 11_madem_trios11_madem_trios GloverC-0411GloverC-0411 JohnsonE-2071JohnsonE-2071 JohnsonE-2131sJohnsonE-2131s ShubinL-9903sShubinL-9903s Kuchta, J-0137-0162xKuchta, J-0137-0162x PittsL_IMG_8893xPittsL_IMG_8893x PittsL_IMG_8919xPittsL_IMG_8919x PittsL_IMG_8938xPittsL_IMG_8938x Johnson_L-4948Johnson_L-4948 b_senior62b_senior62 Bowman, H-0315-0345xBowman, H-0315-0345x 04_madem_deux04_madem_deux Spurling, Z-3896xSpurling, Z-3896x Spurling, Z-3911xSpurling, Z-3911x CampbellK-0151-0151bwxCampbellK-0151-0151bwx XBickel-289sXBickel-289s


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